Couple's Dog Sniffs Out 5-Week-Old Puppies Abandoned In A Trashbag

| by Matiss Batarags

A man and woman were walking their Australian shepherd in Paso Nogal Park in Pleasant Hill, California, when the dog suddenly became very interested in a tied trash bag near a trash can.

While the owners believed he was sniffing trash, they soon came to find three terrier puppies in the bag. The couple took the dogs home to feed and clean them. They then brought the 5-week-old puppies to a Contra Costa Animal Services shelter.

The shelter’s deputy director Rick Golphin said the puppies are safe and being taken care of. They can be put up for adoption in a few days, but may get fostered beforehand because they are so young.

Golphin stated: “They’ve all been medically assessed. We’ll probably make a decision on making them available (Wednesday). At that time, they will be available to the public unless something else occurs.”

The shelter is looking for any possible leads on who the former owners were.

Sources: CBS San Francisco, KCRA / Photo Source: CBS San Francisco, ABC News