Chinese Zoo Accused Of Starving Tiger

| by Amanda Schallert

A Chinese zoo already facing criticism for animal abuse recently drew the attention of more concerned individuals after a picture of its starving tiger was posted to the social media site Weibo.

The zoo in Tianjin, China, has allegedly tried to force its elephants to perform martial arts in the past, but individuals still were disturbed and surprised when they saw the pictures of the tiger, who was unusually thin and relatively inactive, according to the Daily Mail.

“These pictures were taken by a friend of mine. I can't help but cry when I see this,” the Weibo post reads. “I have no idea how to help, but I just emailed the Animal Protection Organization. Hope it will work.”

After receiving a flurry of complaints, Tianjin Zoo officials have not changed the way the tiger is being treated. Instead, zoo officials have said that the tiger has a problem with her digestive system.

“We have seven tigers and only one is not healthy. She had a digestive disorder since she was a cub but it worsened as she aged,” said Wei K’ung, a zoo keeper. “She is now 13...and the medicine she has been given no longer works so well. That is the reason she seems so thin.”

Zoo officials have said that the tiger is not in pain, so they have not considered putting her down.

Still, some critics have said they do not trust the zoo and continued insisting that the tiger receives better treatment.

“Whoever has a clue how to help, please take action to improve the tiger's living condition,” the Weibo post read. “I am asking for the people concerned to investigate it and to treat animals better!”

Source: Daily Mail