Chihuahua's Ears Amputated After Suffering Chemical Burn Torture (Video)

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A Chihuahua puppy that was found tortured in Antioch, California, with chemical burns is recovering after having its ears amputated.

The puppy was found with burns on its ears and stomach inside a play area at Antioch Animal Services last week, reports CBS San Francisco. The dogs burns were caused by some kind of chemical, according to its caregiver, Kristy Keusch.

The dog had to have its ears amputated.

Keusch is caring for the dog, who is now known as “Fireman,” at a foster home in Oakley, California, after assistance from rescue group Umbrella of Hope.

“It’s hard not to get attached, I’d love to keep him but, I know he’s got a perfectly good family out there somewhere,” Keusch said.  

Fireman is recovering and reportedly getting stronger every day, reports The Daily Mail.

A $1,000 reward has been offered by Fido Alert in East Contra Costa County for information that leads to locating the person or persons responsible for causing Fireman’s injuries.

Hundreds of people have asked about adopting Fireman, Umbrella of Hope said, and the organization is hopeful the attention given to him will result in adoptions of many other dogs and cats the group handles. Those who wish to help dogs and cats in need at Umbrella of Hope may do so by donating at BeOurPet.

Sources: CBS San Francisco, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail