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Hospital Staff Save Tiny Patient

| by John Freund

Staff at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital rescued of one of the smallest patients imaginable -- a baby feathertail glider they've named Boop. 

Weighing in at less than 1 gram, lighter than a paper clip, the tiny marsupial became separated from her mother at far too young an age to care for herself, reports The Dodo.  Fortunately, she's in good hands now, resting comfortably inside a tiny knit pouch.

Members of staff wrote on the Facebook page: 

After falling from her mother's pouch, Boop luckily escaped any injury and will now receive round-the-clock care by a specialized wildlife carer until she is ready to return to the wild.  Isn't she precious!

The post quickly went viral, with one user commenting, "Wow!  How was such a little baby spotted?  Amazing." 

Another added, "Aww, such a micro cutie!  Glad to see that bop's in great hands now at the hospital until she gets bigger to be released!"  

According to the site's homepage, the mission of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is: 

To be the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world through the delivery of outstanding outcome-based programs and projects, inclusive of humanity.

According to The Dodo, even if Boop grows to be a healthy adult, she will still be tiny because adult feathertail gliders average just 13 grams -- about 1/2 ounce. They're the smallest gliding mammals on the planet. 

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