Boston Terrier Falls 15 Stories from Sacramento High-Rise, Survives (Video)

| by Phyllis M Daugherty

Sammy, a 13-year-old Boston Terrier with bad eyesight, should never have survived a recent 15-story fall from a Sacramento, California, condo, but he did.

Sammy wandered out onto the porch of a condo at the top of the tallest building in Sacramento and lost his footing, slipping through the wrought iron railing. His owner, Bill McCourt emotionally explained to KOCO that “there was no way to go but down.”

However, Sammy must have had a guardian angel, because he fell directly into a hot tub. McCourt describes how the senior dog instinctively started swimming until he found the stairs and pulled himself out of the tub.

Although he suffered a cracked pelvis and broken ribs and had to spend Christmas and some time recovering at an animal hospital, Sammy is doing well.  His loving owner told 11Alive: “I’ve actually seen him stand up and walk. It’s just amazing.” 

Sources: KOCO, 11Alive / Photo Credit Screenshot, KCRA/NBC News