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Animal Rights

See It: Bear Burglar Gets Stuck In Man's Cat Door (Photos)

| by Tony Tran

An Idaho man got a close brush with nature after a black bear reportedly attempted to enter his home through a cat door on Thursday night.

According to Doug Harder, bears are no strangers to the area. A bear and its two cubs allegedly climbed up the side of his condo onto the second floor deck in May, USA Today reported.

When Harder returned from his vacation last week, he discovered a young bear had broken into his home through the second story door. That time, it ate his food and made a mess all over his carpet.

In an attempt to stop the bears from coming back to his home, he made sure to close his door. However, on Thursday, he discovered the creatures were undeterred, with one bear attempting to get into his home through his cat door.

According to, black bears are found only in North America. The animals have short claws that are ideal for climbing trees as well as the sides of condos. They have been known to grow to be up to 500 lbs. However, they are a relatively docile and solitary animal.

Source: USA Today,

Photo Credit: Doug Harder via USA Today