Australian Teen Takes Photos With Dead Shark Washed Up on Beach

| by Allison Geller

No posing with dead sharks. They might actually be alive.

The warning came after an Australian teen was photographed posing astride a dead shark washed up on Marcoola Beach on the country’s Sunshine Coast.

The 10-foot-long shark had been found dead earlier in the week, prompting many curious locals to come see it “in real life.” The blonde teen posed straddling and spooning the shark while a dog stood near.

Marcoola resident Chris Atkinson took his three sons to see the shark, a rare sighting for locals.

"Two of them weren't game enough to get close. It still looked alive," he said. "I think everyone was surprised to see a shark that big wash up here."

Underwater World Sea Life Mooloolaba fishes curator Kate Willson said that touching sharks is a bad idea — the big fish could very well still be alive and dangerous.

"We believe that it has just recently died, as looking at the fin it's not bent over so it doesn't appear to have been dead for that long," she said.

"The seasonal migration for the species of shark is in March and April, and they migrate from New South Wales so it is possible that it was migrating and possibly got washed onto the beach in high tide."

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service investigated and documented the scene before workmen buried the carcass deep in the sand, out of the reach of teenagers eager for curious new selfies.

The shark is believed to be a bronze whaler.

Sources: News 96.5, Sunshine Coast Daily