Animal Rights Organization Releases Shocking Footage From Poultry Factory (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A Canadian animal rights group has released shocking footage of animal abuse at the Maple Leaf hatchery in Ontario, Canada. Among other gut-wrenching things, the footage shows newborn chicks being violently separated from their shells, forced into industrial dryers, and ground up alive.

The hidden footage was taken by the nonprofit animal rights group Mercy for Animals Canada. Here’s what Anna Pippus, Mercy’s director of legal advocacy had to say about the footage:

"We documented chicks flung by their wings and slammed into metal dividers, live chicks sent through a hot washing machine to be scalded alive and drowned, chicks shoved into overloaded maceration machines and ground up alive, and sick and injured animals, deprived of proper veterinary care, being discarded like trash."

Pippus says that many of the processes the chicks are forced to go through are not only unsettling, but illegal.

“It is a violation of the law to send live animals through industrial washing machines to be scalded alive and drowned and to fling chicks and slam them into metal dividers,” she said.

Maple Leaf released a number of statements on the footage. They say they follow industry protocol and go to great lengths to prevent animal abuse at their factories.

"All the training, documentation, scrutiny, auditing and verification we have in place is to establish a culture and supporting practices that uphold high standards of animal welfare,” said Ben Brooks, general manager of poultry operations at the company. "Animal welfare guides all of our operating procedures and is a central facet of training in any facility that has animals under its care.”

See the footage for yourself here:

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