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Angry Scientist Fliers Neighborhood, Threatens ‘Drastic Action’ Against Cats

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A British scientist left leaflets at 100 homes in his area threatening “drastic action” against his neighbor’s bird-killing cats.

Dr. Clive Mowforth, a research scientist who received his PhD from Oxford, referred to it as the “Cat Menace” and detailed three birds he found dead in one week.

“The enjoyment of our wildlife and flower garden is being ruined by cats,” Mowforth, 57, wrote. “They come to dig holes, leave their excrement and murder wildlife.”

Mowforth spent over 10 years making his Dursley garden into a “paradise for birds,” the Metro reported.

“Direct observation and video surveillance have identified about ten different cats,” he wrote, including surveillance stills of the biggest offenders. “The two leading killers are a black one and a black-and-white one.”

“If you have a cat, can you please keep it under control?” he asked. “If we continued to be plagued by cats, drastic action will be taken.”

Mowforth has reportedly contacted the RSPCA and the police over the bird killings. He told the Telegraph he may have to move over the matter.

“This could now push me out of my house. I’m about to retire and I want to be able to enjoy my garden,’ he said.

"Changes in agriculture and habitat loss have had a dramatic effect on bird numbers but locally cats can also have a big influence," he said, adding, “In the longer term there needs to be a widespread neutering campaign to bring down the size of the enormous cat population."

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, told Metro that she finds the whole thing rather trivial.

“I think the whole thing is a bit like crime watch for cats, it all seems very petty,” she said.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons / Jennifer Barnard