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Animal Rights

Amazing Photo Shows Lion Embracing Man Who Saved Her Life (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

An incredible photo of a lion hugging the man who saved her life went viral last year, sparking worldwide interest and a new documentary series.

Sirga, a lion abandoned by her tribe, was wandering alone and facing “certain death”, according to Mirror Online, when conservationist, Valentin Gruener, spotted her and took her to the Modisa Wildlife Project in the African country of Botswana.

The two formed a bond, and Sirga began hugging Gruener every time he would open the gate to her enclosure to let her out. The heartwarming embrace was captured on video and went viral, becoming one of the most viewed videos on the Internet in 2014. Gruener was also included on Google’s inspirational list last year.

Three years later, the two unlikely friends continue to have a strong connection. Their relationship is the subject of a six-part documentary series, which will focus primarily on Gruener teaching Sirga to hunt.

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