Jade Lomas-Anderson, 14, Mauled To Death By Five Dogs

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Jade Lomas-Anderson, a 14-year-old British schoolgirl, was killed by five dogs after she walked into a room at a friend’s house while eating a meat pie. Lomas-Anderson was alone when she was mauled by two bull mastiffs, two Staffordshire bull terriers and one other unidentified dog.

The mastiffs and terriers were shot dead by police in the backyard. The fifth dog was captured alive inside the house. The breeds of the dogs cannot be officially confirmed by police until their remains are examined. Lomas-Anderson was staying at her friend’s house for the Easter holiday, according to The Daily News.

"Jade went to the shops to buy a meat pie and took it back to the house," one of her friends told the Sun newspaper. "We heard the dogs went for her as she tried to eat the pie. She tried to fend one off, but apparently it went berserk and went for her throat. She was then overwhelmed by the animals inside the house."

Greater Manchester Police Superintendent Mark Kenny said in a statement: "While our inquiries to find out what happened are ongoing, this girl's injuries are consistent with her having been attacked by dogs."

Neighbors said that they had been scared of the dogs in the past. "Those dogs were always growling and barking in that tiny house," a neighbor told the Sun. "All the local kids were scared stiff of them."

"The dogs were really scary," a friend of Jade told the Sun. "But Jade knew these animals, so I don’t know why they all went for her. Presumably they must have smelled blood after the first dog attacked. It’s such a tragedy. She was a lovely girl."

Jade’s friends have created a tribute page on Facebook. It had more than 12,000 likes as of Wednesday morning.

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