Anaheim Police Arrest Parents For Allegedly Locking Autistic Child In Cage

| by Amanda Schallert

Anaheim police arrested the parents of an autistic 11-year-old boy Tuesday for allegedly locking their son in a cage.

Officers found the boy in a semi-large cage with a mattress inside, described as similar to a dog kennel, after investigating the home on Garrett Street Tuesday night. Police arrived at the scene to aid Child Protective Services. The boy did not have any noticeable injuries and the parents appeared to care for him well besides allegedly putting him in the cage, according to KTLA.

The boy’s parents, Tracy Trang Le, 35, and Loi Vu, 40, seemed to be keeping the child in the cage because he had violent tantrums occasionally, due to his autism.

Police said they talked to the parents and think the family was having trouble addressing the boy’s autism and outbursts. Le and Vu were arrested and booked for felony child endangerment and false imprisonment, officials said.

“Putting him in that cage may have been a way for (the parents) to try to, in their way, control what was going on,” said Lt. Bob Dunn, a member of the Anaheim Police Department.

“In this particular case, placing your child in a cage to try and control some behavior may not have been the best course of action,” Dunn added. “Maybe this family will get some of the assistance that they need.”

The boy and his two siblings were taken into child protective services

Police and Child Protective Services are still investigating the case.

Source: KTLA