British Ambulance Workers Dump Man's Body Near Garbage Cans When Their Shift Is Up

| by Dominic Kelly

Family members of a deceased man say that ambulance workers were “inhumane” when they dumped their loved one’s body next to a set of garbage bins when their shift was up.

Shocking reports say that an ambulance crew in England was called to retrieve the body of 32-year-old James Harrison, a plumber, when he collapsed and ultimately died near his home. The crew was supposed to take Harrison’s body to a mortuary at a hospital in Cambridge, 22 miles from where they retrieved it, but when they realized their shift was just about up, they decided to drive six miles back to their ambulance station and dump the body on the floor next to garbage bins so they could go home.

“I can’t believe people whose job it is to care for other people could be so cold about leaving someone’s body somewhere,” said an unnamed neighbor to the Daily Mail. “His funeral was yesterday and I heard the family were distraught about it. What happened is unbelievable. I was disgusted.”

Since the incident, the ambulance company has apologized but will not discuss details, as they are investigating and “working with the family” to find out more.

“We are very sorry for what happened and have launched a thorough investigation," said chief executive Anthony Marsh. "This involves working with the family and everyone who responded to the patient."

“It is a very strange thing to have happened and obviously it’s got to be investigated and whoever is responsible has got to be held to account,” said Cambridgeshire’s police commissioner Sir Graham Bright.

Reports say an inquest has been opened.

Sources: Metro UK, The Independent, Daily Mail