Alabama Cop Tries to Grab Cell Phone Away From Man Filming Him (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Tyler Henderson attended an anti-police brutality rally on Saturday in Mobile, Ala., where he had an unexpected confrontation with a police officer.

The rally was in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

Henderson used his cell phone to film an unidentified police officer giving the crowd instructions on where they were allowed to stand during their rally, reports

At one point in the video (below), the police officer makes a failed grab for Henderson's phone.

"Don't touch my phone, don't touch my phone!" Henderson tells the officer. "You can't touch my phone. I can record you. It's legal to record a police officer under the First Amendment to record a police officer in a public space, this is a public space!"

According to the page where the video was posted, the officer tried to disperse the crowd by noting a local ordinance.

"I already explained to you all what you need to do," states the officer. "Just do it and everything will be fine. Otherwise you’re violating our city ordinance, do you understand?"