Adorable Marriage Discussion Between Dad, Daughter Caught On Film (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A touching parenting moment between a father and daughter made its way onto the web this week.

In the video, a father is heard giving his (adorable) young daughter a talk about marriage. Though she’s just a “princess” now, the father says, one day she’ll become a “queen” and marry her “king.”

“And he’s going to always do what? He’s going to…what?” the father asks.

“Respect you,” the girl replies.

“And he’ll only put his hands on you if he’s giving you what?” the father asks.

“Giving you love,” the daughter responds. The dad then tells his girl that he’ll make sure she’s treated right as well.

Eventually, when the girl is confused by one of her dad’s questions, she says she cutest “What are you talking about?” you’ll ever hear.

Check out the full exchange below:

Sources: YouTube, The Blaze / Photo: Screenshot