9-Year-Old Boy Spends Hours Lost in New York City and Calls It the 'Greatest Day'

| by Lisa Fogarty

While his parents worried themselves sick, a nine-year-old boy says he had the “greatest day” of his life when he got lost at the Central Park Zoo Saturday in New York City and wandered around bustling Midtown Manhattan for two hours by himself, reports the Daily News.

Chris Villavicencio, who is mildly autistic, according to police, was visiting the zoo with his parents and little sister when he became separated from them at around 4:30 p.m. by the Delacorte Music Clock.

Chris says he looked everywhere for his parents, but couldn’t find them. The little boy, who lives in New Jersey, wasn’t familiar with the city or the enormous park and says he wandered all over the place searching for landmarks and buildings he recognized.

Chris’ parents, who are from Peru and don’t speak English, reported their son missing about 40 minutes after he walked off.

An hour later, the child found himself in front of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which is located about a mile away from the zoo. Two cops from the bus station spotted the boy and brought him to the terminal’s youth services office, where they realized he had been reported missing.

Police escorted Chris’ mom and his younger sibling to Port Authority to retrieve the child. When they were reunited, the boy received kisses and hugs from his family members. And, although his parents were beside themselves with concern, Chris says his day spent traveling alone was beyond amazing.

“This was the greatest day of my life because this was the first day I was at the police station!” Chris declared.

Despite his enjoyment, Chris made sure to pass along some wise advice to his sister: "Remember, don’t wander off.”

Source: Daily News

Photo Credit: David Shankbone/Flickr, Alec Tabak/New York Daily News

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