Man Tries to Rob 83-Year-Old Woman’s House – But She Fights Back

| by Lina Batarags

HOUSTON – A man’s attempt at breaking into an 83-year-old woman’s house was foiled when the woman fought back with a stick and a pot full of boiling water.

Lillie McClendon, who had just celebrated her 83rd birthday on Independence Day, has lived in her house on Lockwood for more than 50 years.

McClendon said that she had taken a shower early on Sunday morning when she noticed that multiple things throughout the house were out of place, including a quilt on the floor and a wide open window.

She says the suspect choked her and demanded to know where she kept her money.

“I couldn’t see his face, just his eyes like that. All he was asking about was, ‘Where’s that money at? Where’s that money at?'” she recounted.

McClendon recalls saying to the suspect, “What kind of momma you got that raised you up like this? You oughta be ashamed of yourself.”

She then proceeded to put up a fight.

“Oh shoot yeah,” McClendon said. “I got a stick and tried to hit him. I had sausage on the stove. I put hot water on him.”

Although the man ended up getting away, he is likely to have sustained some injuries from the encounter.

McClendon’s daughter, Anita McClendon, said she got a phone call from a neighbor’s number early Sunday morning. When she heard that her mom’s house had been broken into, she said the news “just made me shake.”

“Come in here to rob her, hurt her, harm her, to get something from her that she don’t have, shame on you because that’s despicable,” Anita said.

The suspect remains on the loose.

Sources: ABC 13, ABC News, The Denver Channel

Photo Sources: ABC 13, ABC News