8-Year-Old Girl’s To-Do List In Event Of Her Brother’s Disappearance Is Hilariously Dark (Photo)

| by Khier Casino

This is a list of things an 8-year-old girl plans to do in the event of her brother’s disappearance and it’s adorably morbid.

According to the Daily Mail, Reddit user lala989 recently posted a hilarious note written by her 8-year-old, with the caption, “My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.”

The list includes selling Ethan’s favorite stuffed toy, and hammering his legos and everything he loves.

Besides destroying her supposed older brother’s belongings with a hammer, she also plans to “dye his carpet pink.” Ethan better watch his back.

Lala989 defended her children on Reddit, saying: “She was writing it to make him laugh, nothing diabolical. … [She’s] probably going to be a horror author.”

She added: “She's always writing stuff for him to read as her big brother. If it was real...I've been effing up the last eight years.”

Here’s what she had to say about Ethan: “He's been raised to treat her really well so naturally she gets in trouble for trying to take advantage of that, otherwise her whole goal in life is to be entertaining someone and he happens to be the kind of kid who hates playing alone. Things do get nasty sometimes but we're pretty strict. I didn't think about it looking serious when I posted it, but I don't want to try to convince everyone who thought that so I went for the highest comment who did. Cheers indeed!”

See Ethan’s “gone list” below and draw your own conclusion:

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit/lala989