Thieves Break Into Home With Police Already Inside

| by David Bonner

On Aug. 12, two groups of would-be thieves were arrested for attempting to rob the same townhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The townhouse owner allegedly arrived home and found two strangers inside, but managed to leave the building and call 911 without them noticing, reports local CBS affiliate WBTV.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrived and arrested the two intruders. The two were identified as 33-year-old Johnny Penny and 24-year-old Javonte Cathcart, according to police.

While police were still in the townhome, three more intruders entered, not realizing that police were inside. They, too, were arrested, and identified as Malik Long, 20, Khalil Wallace, 22, and Jamaka Culbreath, 16.

Reports seem to indicate that the second group was previously in the townhome with the first group, but that is not entirely clear.  

Penny and Cathcart have been charged with felony breaking and entering and attempted larceny. Long has been charged with possession of stolen goods, in addition to felony breaking and entering. Culbreath has been charged with possession of stolen goods.

Wallace faces the most charges of all: breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, larceny of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of marijuana.

The owner of the townhouse was not harmed during the course of events. However, neighbors interviewed by WBTV expressed shock and dismay.

Jhane Johnson, who lives nearby, said the break-in would make her more cautious in the future. "You hear stuff like this, and you have to be more precautious even in a nice neighborhood like this," she said.

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