Four Men Arrested In Connection With SC Murder (Photos)

| by Anjali Sareen

Four men have been arrested for the murder of 19-year-old Kyle Shirlin, who was killed on Aug. 21 at a house party in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

The men are identified as Riccardo Rashawn Jenkins, 23; Michael Dwayne Smith, 20; Ali Shaheim Smalls, 26; and Jamal Deangelo White, 25.

Jenkins, Smith and Smalls are facing charges of criminal conspiracy, murder and armed robbery with a deadly weapon. Jenkins has also been charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime. White is facing charges as an accessory, having admitted to police that he drove Jenkins away from the scene of the crime, reports WCSC.

Police were called to the house party because people were running around in the street and playing loud music, reports Police say around 50 to 100 people were at the party, and many were seen leaving the house and neighborhood when officers arrived.

Shirlin, who graduated high school in 2015, was found in the backyard with a gunshot wound to his upper body. Medics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Arrest warrants state that Shirlin was carrying a backpack that contained marijuana and a digital scale. Police affidavits say a witness told law enforcement that White may have been involved in the crime, according to WCBD. After police spoke with White, he admitted to being present at the scene, driving Jenkins away from it, and letting the other three men charged stay at his home.

White told officers he and the other three men arrived at the party together, and that Jenkins brought a gun with him. Shirlin’s possession of marijuana allowed him access to the party, and White and Smith were standing at the front door when Shirlin arrived.

According to White, Jenkins spent much of the evening harassing Shirlin to obtain some of the marijuana he was carrying. At some point in the evening, when he was on the porch of the house with Smalls, White said he saw a crowd of people running.

White walked over to where Shirlin was, saw him on the ground and took a picture. He then got in the car with the other men and Jenkins reportedly told him he shot Shirlin after he had been unsuccessful getting the marijuana.

“This has been an exhaustive investigation to date, and much work remains to be done,” said Goose Creek Police Major John Grainger.

He added that more arrests are likely and the four men already in custody may face additional charges.

Sources: Berkeley ObserverBlueRidgeNow.comWCSCWCBD / ​Photo credit: Karen Betler Sherlin/Facebook, Berkeley Observer

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