30 Dead Cats Found Hanging From Tree In Plastic Bags

| by Emily Smith

Some 30 dead cats were discovered Thursday in an abandoned lot in Yonkers, each placed in a plastic shopping bag and all in different stages of decomposition.

The disturbing scene was found around 10 a.m. when city sanitation workers arrived at the wooded lot to perform an annual cleanup. According to police, the plot of land is abandoned but regularly used as a dumping ground for random debris.

The cats were neatly tied up and hung like a line of laundry, according to director of the SPCA of Westcherster’s Humane Law Enforcement Division Ernest Lungaro. Each bag contained one cat, though wildlife had torn open a few.

Police suspect that the cats were dead before being bagged, since any cat could scratch its way out of the plastic.

There is no evidence that the cats were used for a ritual.

Guy John, a resident of the neighborhood, said he wasn’t surprised by what police found in the often dirty lot.

“That place is always dirty so when you see a bag there,” John said, “it’s nothing new.”

Sources: NY Post, Vocativ