25 Ways You Can Legally Make Money with Your Body

| by Lauren Schiff

There has always been a contentious debate regarding why the government punishes prostitution as harshly as it does. To some, it does not make much sense that the law views using one’s body to make money via sex any differently than utilizing it in other similarly intimate acts for profit.

A commenter on Jezebel recently put together a BRILLIANT list of all the ways in which you legally profit off your body with no punishment, and it really brings home the point of what a double standard exists when it comes to punishing prostitution. We decided to give it a bit more attention.

Thus, check out the 25 ways you can legally make money via your body, and the one way in which you cannot, below.

Being an athlete





Being a caregiver

Dating someone because they treat you to various gifts

Being a personal escort or companion

Being a dominatrix

Giving massages

Cutting people’s hair

Selling your own hair

Giving manicures and/or pedicures

Being an esthetician and/or dermatologist

Being a doctor, nurse, and/or surgeon

Being an alternative practitioner

Giving physical and/or occupational therapy

Being a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist and/or sex counselor

Using your children for profit

Donating blood and/or plasma

Selling your own eggs

Selling your own sperm

Having another person’s baby

Posing for a pornographic magazine or website

Acting out sexual experiences for pornographic films

But the only one that'll land you in jail is...