24-Year-Old Tech Company VP Marek Lapinski Dead After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

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The 24-year-old former vice president of T3D, Marek Lapinski, died just hours after having routine surgery to remove his wisdom teeth.

T3D is a San Diego company specializing in tactical 3D equipment and cameras. Among the company’s products is a device that allows any camera to produce 3D images on a screen with the help of special software. The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office hasn’t examined the body yet, so the cause of death still unknown.

Lapinski graduated from Pittsburgh's Duquesne University in 2010. After graduating college, the young man moved to California from Pennsylvania. T3D was launched shortly thereafter. Recently, the company did some work for the military.

“He's going to leave a legacy that's just tremendous. It's just crushing now because we're all looking for a reason,” his cousin, Dustin Hook, told Pittsburgh station WPXI. “He was the most driven and passionate person I knew. I'm just so glad he did what he wanted to do to make himself happy.”

Lapinski posted about his impending surgery on Twitter last week. He was expecting to be eating soup and yogurt in the days following the procedure. “It's gonna suck big time buddy, it's the worst,” a friend wrote to him, according to The Daily Mail. “Thanks for the words of encouragement habibi,” Lapinski replied.

In early 2012 three patients between the ages of 14 and 21 in Georgia died within 16 to 72 hours of having their wisdom teeth extracted. After the deaths, dental expert Dr. Crystal Baxter said that infections are one of the leading causes of dental deaths.

“The patient could develop a post-operative infection and that could lead to fatality,” said Baxter. “You get swelling of the brain and then you get either brain damage or brain death.”

Patients can also die from reactions to anesthesia, inhaling blood in the lungs leading to suffocation, reaction to prescribed drugs and bacteria in the mouth entering the blood stream

Source: The Daily Mail, WPXI