12-Year-Old Boy Invents Product To Save Kids From Hot Car Deaths

| by Jonathan Wolfe

The problem of parents leaving kids in hot cars has been in the news quite a bit lately, and for good reason. Roughly 25 children die every year from overheating in vehicles. 

12-year-old Andrew Pelham is trying to drop that number, and he has created a neat little product to do it.

Pelham’s invention is called the E-Z Baby Saver. The product is simple, but could prove life-saving. The E-Z Baby Saver is a bright neon band that runs from the driver's seat to the driver’s door handle. When parents open their doors, the band is right in their way reminding them to grab their kid.

Here’s a picture of the product in action:

Constant reminder: The bright-colored tape stretches across to the driver's side door so that parents don't forget to look in the backseat

Pelham’s idea recently won national runner-up in the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors. Judges praised the idea for being effective and easy to use.

Pelham’s success with the E-Z Baby Saver has inspired his bright mind to keep thinking of new ideas. To date, he has created two other inventions. One is an animal-proof camera that National Geographic selected as part of their Engineering Exploration Challenge. The other is an origami rainwater collection system that can be folded and transported to areas of need during emergencies.

Something tells me the future is bright for this one.

Sources: MailOnline, Huffington Post

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