12-Year-Old Takes Joyride Before Crashing Into House

| by Michael Doherty

A 12-year-old boy crashed a car into a house when he decided to go for a drive while his parents were away.

A clip of the incident found its way to LiveLeak after a friend who was sitting in the passenger seat recorded the crash, reports the Mirror.

"Hi everyone, my parents have gone, they've gone shopping somewhere, so we're going to run away with my friend who's filming," says the boy in French in the video. "Let's go."

As he turns the key in the ignition to start the car, he tells the camera that it's "difficult." As the boy begins to pull the car out, he exclaims, "We're going on vacation!"

The video then shows the boy driving a short distance before he starts struggling to control the car.

"Oh no!" says the boy. "I can't!"

The car soon careens into a home, where the passenger jumps out screaming obscenities. It's not clear whether anyone was injured during the incident.

In November, a boy in Ontario, Canada took his parents' minivan for a joyride inspired by the video game "Grand Theft Auto," The Telegraph reports.

Authorities chased the boy, eventually catching him and returning him to his parents. According to police, the 11-year-old said he "wanted to see what it was like to drive a car" after playing the game. Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said he saw what appeared to be an "impaired driver" speeding through traffic before the boy was caught.

"The games that you play are fun and pretend. As much as they put realism into it and they make it feel like it’s real," said Schmidt. "You can't drive [124 miles] down the highway, smash into a building, smash into some other cars, and whatever else you are going to hit, then reset your game and have your vehicle fixed and nothing happens."

"In the real world, if you crash your car, if you hit a garbage can, you hit a pot hole, you hit a bump, you hit something ... you can hurt yourself or you can easily kill someone," he added. Schmidt went on to say that the boy's joyride narrowly avoided becoming "an absolute tragedy," concluding that "GTA is not the way to learn how to drive."

In January, another young boy stole his parents' car, reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour and nearly hitting a semi-trailer before being caught by police, according to KTRK.

Police found the 10-year-old at a Bob Evans restaurant parking lot, where he admitted that he had taken the car and driven 11 miles to buy soda at a gas station. That was when officers began to follow the vehicle.

Police Chief Keith Loreno of Fostoria, Ohio, said that the boy "almost made a head-on with a semi-tractor trailer" as he sped away from police and refused to pull over.

"And then, actually hit the curb, causing some damage to the tire and rim, so the car became inoperable," Loreno added.

Loreno said the case should serve as a warning for parents.

Sources: Mirror, Telegraph, KTRK / Photo credit: Sylvar/Flickr

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