'He Was Frothing At The Mouth': Puppy Swallows 21-Inch Horse Whip Whole (Photos)

| by Mackenzie Fleming

A puppy in the U.K. has made a miraculous recovery after undergoing surgery to remove a 21-inch riding crop from his stomach.

The 10-month-old Boxer dog, Hugo, swallowed the large whip whole while in the car with his unsuspecting owner, according to the Daily Mail.

Hugo’s owner said she had noticed the young Boxer seeming sick, but it was when the dog began vomiting blood during a walk that she knew there was a serious problem. 

“I could hear and notice noises and could see that Hugo was being sick and bringing up blood,” his owner Bev Mendl said. 

“He was frothing at the mouth,” Mendl added. “I was totally terrified and my daughter was completely hysterical. I didn’t know what it was.”

Mendl rushed Hugo to a veterinarian in Newton Abbot, Devon. X-rays revealed the unlikely culprit of the puppy’s pain.

According to the vet, an object could be seen in the X-ray spanning from the dogs abdomen to his larynx, Mirror reported.

(via Andy Styles/SWNS)

“We knew it was something long that he swallowed but had no idea what we were dealing with,” Vet Chris Hawkins said. “Hugo had swallowed an entire crop.”

Hugo had found the whip in the back of Mendl’s car while she was driving the puppy to Haldon Forest for a walk, Mirror reported. During the ride from Mendl’s home in Kingsteignton, Devon, Hugo had swallowed the red and black crop in one piece.

Hugo went under the knife to have the crop removed in what Hawkins described as a “once in a career event," Mirror reported. 

According to the vet, the surgery was a success.

“The crop was very carefully removed with gentle traction from an incision in his neck,” Hawkins said. “Fortunately the object has caused minimal internal damage despite its size and rigidity.”

(via Andy Styles/SWNS)

Hugo is said to have “bounced back” and be doing very well. He returned home two days after the surgery, to continue his recovery with his family.

“We hope Hugo has learned his lesson,” Hawkins said.

Source: Daily Mail, Mirror

Photo credit:, Jeska D/Flickr