Woman's Selfie Sparks Shocking Conversation (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

After a woman shared a risque selfie on her husband's Facebook wall, all of her dirty laundry was aired for the internet to see.

Ashleigh Dempster shared the photo of herself in nothing but her underwear on her husband Tim McGowan's Facebook wall, with the caption, "Hacked by your sexy wife love you."

Shortly after, as comments rolled in, Facebook friend Jennifer Cady commented, calling Dempster a "wh**e." That's where things started to get ugly.

Cady told Dempster that she was not calling her a wh**e because of the photo she posted, but because she allegedly cheated on her husband -- with her own first cousin. 

Dempster had no problem admitting this was true.

From there, a series of comments came in, with users shocked by what they were reading.

"Usually I have some witty fantastic remarks," one commenter wrote. "But this is so far out of the normal realm of 'wtf' that I'm not even sure if I can recover. Why would you f*** your cousin, AND THEN ADMIT IT?"

After a series of comments from shocked readers, Dempster's husband finally chimed in.

"Am I just ok with what happened hell no…" McGowan wrote. "Am I gonna crucify my wife and tell her to get lost because she made a mistake no."

He continued, saying that he "made the choice to try and save my marriage."

"Love is about forgiveness and I stand by my wife because I love her," he added.

Finally, after dozens of comments from horrified friends and McGowan's statement of forgiveness, Tim shared another status revealing what happened after the whole ordeal.

"I'm not gonna lie this is really hard to accept, she left and went to live with the cousin," he posted.

Screenshots of the wild comments section of the post were shared on Imgur, where they quickly went viral.

Sources: Daily MailImgur / Photo credit: Imgur, Facebook via Daily Mail

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