See It: Woman's Spider Bite On Her Butt Goes From Bad To Worse (Graphic Photos)

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

The Brown Recluse Spider is not uncommon in some parts of the United Stated, but one woman learned the hard way that they can still be dangerous. Graphic photos of the woman’s necrotizing spider bite on her rear-end, reportedly from a Brown Recluse, have since gone viral.

The woman contracted Loxoscelism, in which a sore opens up around the brown spider bite and, in some cases, the bite becomes necrotic, resulting in tissue loss, eMedicine reported.

Below are pictures of the woman's spider bite as it progresses, courtesy of Viral Thread. Descriptions of what happens to woman's spider bite as it undergoes necrosis can be found below the photos.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following photos upsetting.

The woman's initial reaction to the spider bite was swelling and a darkening of the area.

The woman then began to develop deep sores.

The sores began to necrotize, meaning the flesh was dying.

The bite then got worse.

It got so bad that part of the woman's buttock began to fall off.

And then Loxoscelism began to set in.

It's unclear how or if the woman healed from her bite.

Sources: eMedicine, Viral Thread / Photo Credit: Viral Thread