Woman Finds Secret Cellar Beneath Carpet (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A secret cellar discovered by a woman replacing her carpet went viral.

Photos of the cellar were shared by Redditor Madhats19, which the user first posted to Imgur. "My friend decided to replace her old carpet and she found a cellar door and a cool surprise," the caption alongside the photos read.

Below the cellar door was a narrow staircase that led to a dark, seemingly old cellar with jars of preserved food and other items lining shelves. Much of the food appeared to be pickled, and a lot of it seemed to be vegetables.






In a second series of photos, shared shortly after the first series went viral, more was revealed as to the time period in which the cellar was created and stocked. An old bottle of Calvert's Special whiskey was found, along with what appeared to be an antique radio. In addition, a jar labeled "grape jelly" was discovered.




Most importantly, however, was a newspaper clipping dated Tuesday, August 14, 1945. The paper included a story titled "Jukebox Tax Set At $10 A Year," as well as a blurb about a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.


The photos quickly went viral, with viewers expressing their interest in further exploring the items that were found in the cellar. One Redditor even shared their own story of a hidden cellar:

I looked at a really old house that was for sale in my neighborhood about 3 months ago. It was built pre-1900 and was made of stone. The entire house had been remodeled, but the original wood and concrete floors had only been refinished. I was walking through the backyard when I noticed the wall stones were in an arch pattern near the base of the house in one section.

I knew that there must have been a cellar door below that arch. I asked the realtor about it and she said the owners had been searching for an entrance to that cellar for years, but that they could never find one. The previous owners lived there since the 1960's so whatever is in that cellar is at least as old as that. The house was originally built as an Orange processing building and worker housing (SoCal area). Ever since I saw that archway I've been dying to know what is in that sealed cellar.

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