Dog Poisoned After Eating Meats Stuffed With Antifreeze

| by Brendan Kelly

A Mississippi woman rushed her dog to the veterinary hospital after she says he was poisoned by eating meat found in her yard.

Kale Hubbard posted on Facebook, asking friends and family for prayers for her dog Gordy. She says that Gordy ate antifreeze-injected meat found to be thrown into her back yard.

“Requesting prayers & good vibes for my Gordy, as he was poisoned this morning with antifreeze stuffed meats that were thrown into my back yard,” Hubbard wrote. “He’s been transferred to the overnight hospital & is being monitored & treated further. So thankful I caught it in time. People are SICK.”

Hubbard shared photos with her post showing several pieces of meat, including hot dogs and chicken, that had been cut open and stuffed with antifreeze. Animals are drawn to the taste of antifreeze, which is dangerous as it can be deadly to some.

Kalee told KPTV that Gordy is “going to be in the hospital for a while.” He was put into a comatose state in order to prevent the antifreeze from damaging his kidneys. After several days, Gordy opened his eyes again.

“I just can’t comprehend that someone would do that,” Hubbard said. “I don’t understand the mind of somebody that would do this. Just heartbreaking.”

Sources: KPTVFacebook / Photo Credit: KPTV

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