Woman Makes Shocking Claim About Chinese Food (Video)

| by Sean Kelly

A Maryland woman posted a shocking video online claiming that a spare rib she ordered from a Chinese restaurant was actually a dog's paw (video below).

Ashley Jefferson shared footage of the spare rib, which she claimed was a dog's paw after doing some research.

“I googled a dead dog paw and took a pic of what they delivered to me…and tell me if I’m wrong but they look exactly the same,” Jefferson wrote in a subsequent social media post. 

The strange looking spare rib had a suspicious shape and an odd end, prompting Jefferson to question whether or not it was part of a dog. In the video, Jefferson explains that she was filming from the bathroom because she thought she wanted to vomit upon seeing the food.

The restaurant, China Palace Havre de Grace, ultimately responded to the controversy after the video went viral. They shared a document from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that denied any evidence of dog meat.

“For everyone who still believes that we serve dog meat, here is what the health department has said about the issue,” read the restaurant's Facebook page. On the document, the department wrote that there was “no evidence of any dog meat in this facility.”

“This report was written and investigated by an inspector from the local health department, confirming the quality of the meat that we provide,” the restaurant stated.

After the video went viral, many felt that Jefferson owed the restaurant an apology for the controversy she caused. Some said that they understood why she would have suspicions, but said she still should have apologized once the air was cleared.

“I'm not going to lie. The woman who uploaded that video may have made a mistake, but it was an easy mistake to make. One of those ribs in particular looked exactly like a dog paw. Skinny leg, curved right before the paw and the cartilage resembled nails,” one Facebook user wrote on the restaurant’s page.

“In fact, it doesn't resemble any of the ribs in the picture you uploaded. Since it's proven that it was actually pork meat, she does owe your business an apology because an accusation that severe could've gotten you shut down.”

The restaurant responded to the comment, saying that they hadn’t heard from her since the controversy began.

“A health department investigator has verified that we do not serve dog. As for her own piece of rib, verification of her test has not been given directly to us. We have not heard from the woman since her post,” they wrote.

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