Photo Of Two Men Changing A Tire Goes Viral

| by Brendan Kelly

A heartwarming Facebook post showing what happens when people reserve judgment to overcome the racial divide is going viral.

On Jan. 14, Facebook user Keri Watters from Mobile, Alabama, shared a photo of her husband, a black man, helping an elderly white man change his tire in a parking lot.

Watters explains in her post that she shared the photo to show that if people look past racial differences and aren’t so quick to judge, “the world would be so much better.”

Watters writes:

With the things that have been going on in America, Anthony has every right to feel like he shouldn't help a white man and this man has every right to feel like he should be cautious of a young black man walking toward him. After all, that is the way both races are made to feel in mainstream media. But that wasn't the case for either of them. Thank you to my husband for being the man he is and without question wanting to help this man. And thank you to this man for not judging (a black man in all black walking up) and without question, accepting Anthony's offer to help.

In the comments of her post, Watters wrote that the elderly man offered to pay her husband, but he refused to accept any payment for helping. Instead, the man gave Anthony a small pamphlet filled with Bible verses and told Anthony to come visit him at his church.

The Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering nearly 2,000 shares as of March 1.

Sources: Mad World News, Keri Watters/Facebook / Photo Credit: Keri Watters/Facebook

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