Woman Apparently Caught Cheating On Husband During Atlanta Braves Game (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

Two women at an Atlanta Braves baseball claimed to have photographed a woman in the middle of texting another man while sitting next to her husband. 

The incident went viral after one of the women tweeted the photos she took of the woman sitting next to her husband while apparently sexting someone else.

In the photos, which were later magnified to reveal the texts, the woman was seeing sending sexually explicit messages to someone with the contact name "Nancy."

In some of the texts, the phrases “my love” and “naked laying on the ground” were seen being exchanged by the wife and her supposed lover.

Many have speculated that the images were fake, though the women who took the photos have gone to great lengths to prove their authenticity. Some viewers pointed out a similar incident at a Detroit Lions game last year, but that situation was ultimately determined to be real. 

Do you think the photos are real, or were they fabricated? 

Sources: Uproxx, BroBible / Photo credit: BroBible