Police Officer's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral (Photo)

| by Shani Shahmoon

Packs of feral dogs were terrorizing the streets of Kansas City, Kansas, one winter, leaving citizens fearful. But one cop decided to remind the city that there's something unconditional about our love for dogs.

Debbie Davis was driving along a busy road that winter, when a police officer parked off to the side caused her to slow down, the Independent Journal Review reported. In a patch of grass alongside the road, wearing his Midwest winter-grade uniform, a police officer was sitting and playing with two dogs.

Davis took a picture and posted it on social media, where the officer's act of kindness went viral.

"Saw these two this morning on the off ramp to 75th street northbound 71highway," Davis wrote. "Both were laying with the [Kansas City] cop until someone could get out there to pick them up. Husky had red collar. Couldn't see collar on fuzzy black dog. Hopefully someone recognizes them!" 

After seeing the dogs on the side of the road, the officer decided to wait with the dogs until animal control arrived. It was later discovered that they had gotten out of a nearby yard the night before. 

Thanks to the kindhearted officer and the local animal control, owners Austin and Ashley Mozingo were reunited with their dogs shortly after, WDAF-TV reported.

"It's good to know there are ... police officers out there who still enjoy helping out the community, especially in helping out such sweet dogs," Austin said.

The police officer requested to remain anonymous.

The Kansas City Star reported that the animal control department of the city had been facing such an upsurge of calls during those months that they had no choice but to prioritize their rescues.

Michelle Angell, the city's director of animal control, said: "We receive more calls in a day than we can go on, and then we have to start prioritizing: 'OK, that was a dog they saw running the area, that [call] was four hours old, that’s probably gone.'"

"We’ve got people that can’t even jog downtown because of the dogs,” she added.

It was reported that packs of feral dogs were intimidating school children and were responsible for impregnating dogs that were tied up legally in their owners' yards, creating more strays. 

One man was allegedly mauled by two stray dogs as he stepped outside his own front door. 

To make matters worse, The Star reports that for a city of its size, Kansas City should be operating with at least 20 animal control officers. At the time, it was only employing seven: six officers and one supervisor. 

Hopefully, more people like the officer written about above continue to help Kansas City to be a more comfortable, safer place to live -- for dogs and humans alike.

Sources: IJR, The Kansas City Star, WDAF-TV / Photo credit: Pixabay, Kansas City Missouri Police Department/Facebook via IJR

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