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Woman Pees On American Flag (Video)

| by Sheena Vasani

A Pennsylvania woman is getting death threats after she urinated on the American flag on Independence Day (video below).

Self-described anarchist Emily Lance uploaded the video on Facebook with the caption, "F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f***ing flag," the Daily Mail reports.

While Lance has since deleted the post and deactivated her Facebook account, she continues to provoke outrage, reports the BBC.

Many called her gesture disrespectful and hurled insults at her.

One person even put up a Craigslist ad for a $3,000 bounty on her.

Lance quickly defended her actions.

"Freedom (of speech/expression) means that I'm entitled to do and say as I please, EVEN if you don't like it, so long as I am not physically hurting someone - and no, your precious feelings don't count, that's your own problem," she said. "What don't you people understand?"

She added: "You're celebrating freedom while damning me for doing the same. You can't have it both ways. FREEDOM OR NONE. Practice what you preach or shut the f*** up."

Some accused her of simply seeking attention.

"The first amendment was not written so desperate people can get attention," wrote one woman on the now deleted post. "It was written so we could talk about very controversial things. Sad misuse of rights that you have because of the very ideas that you desecrate."

"Young lady, Freedom of speech does not mean free from outrage, free from backlash and free from others expressing their distaste in you," added another.

But Lance continues to speak out against the backlash, and in particular condemns those who are now threatening to harm her.

"People are wishing illness, harm, and suffering upon me over a piece of fabric," she said. "People are willing to MURDER someone over a flag. It's so sad that people don't realize how brainwashed they are. I'm gross for peeing on a symbol? LOOK AT YOURSELVES. You people epitomize all that is foul."

Lance also criticized those targeting her father, who did not support her actions.

"To whom it may concern, my Dad just called me and informed me that his place of employment has been targeted," she wrote. "As has he. Interestingly he respects THE FLAG and loves your country. I do not live with him nor does he or anyone in my family agree with my shenanigans. They've got nothing to do with my decisions. Don't take your anger out on the wrong people - you harassing them is displacing your emotions and the equivalent of blaming Jack for what Sally did."

WARNING: Graphic video.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC / Photo credit: Pixabay, Emily Lance/Facebook (2)

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