Woman Told To Cover Up, Leaves Pool 'Almost In Tears'

| by Michael Howard

A Washington woman who was told by a lifeguard to put a shirt on over her swimsuit shared the unpleasant experience on Facebook, vowing never to return to the community pool.

Alaina Linden wrote on Facebook that she was at the Prosser Aquatic Center July 22 when a female lifeguard approached her and said there had been several complaints about her top. She was "almost in tears" when she left.

"[The lifeguard] asked me if I would put on a t-shirt and I told her no, but [that] I would leave," Linded wrote on Facebook.

She then spoke with a manager, who confirmed that her swimsuit top was inappropriate.

"I explained to the manager that each of his female lifeguards were standing poolside with swimsuit bottoms up their butts. I mean some of them looked like thongs! And that was his staff."

Linden says the manager refused to refund her money, but did offer her a voucher for a future visit. When she threatened to take pictures of the female lifeguards and lodge a complaint with the city, the manager allegedly gave them all shorts to put on over their swimsuits.

"I will never go back," Linden wrote. "So I came home and took a selfie in my inappropriate swimming suit."

Her post has been shared over 1,100 times, with more than 100 people commenting on it.

Prosser city spokesperson Dave Stockdale told KVEW that the staff had reason to ask Linden to cover up.

"She had exposed herself. She was coming out of her top, she was coming out of her swimsuit," he said, adding that the lifeguards had received up to a dozen complaints.

According to Stockdale, the aquatic center does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

"We welcome everybody to the Prosser Aquatic Center," he said. "We don’t care about age, race, sex, gender, weight, it's all the same. We want you to come here and have a great time and that's exactly what happens here all the time."

Stockdale later told KVEW that he had spoken to Linden and that the two of them had come to an understanding.

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