Officer Changes Headlight Instead Of Giving Ticket

| by John Freund

A Kentucky police officer changed a woman's headlight instead of giving her a ticket on Aug. 17.  

Fox News reported that Officer Adrian McKinney pulled over motorist Lee Riley Freeman for having a broken headlight, which is generally punishable by a fine.  

Freeman told McKinney that the replacement bulb was in her car, but she couldn't find anyone to help her replace the light. That's when McKinney decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Freeman posted photos on Facebook of McKinney changing her headlight, and praised the officer for helping her:

I just got pulled over because my head light was out. I told Officer Adrian McKinney that I had the replacement bulb in my car for it, but couldn't find anyone to get it out. He asked me to get it and show him, then asked me to pop my hood. He fought with the headlight for at least 15-20 minutes but he was handier than a pocket on a shirt and fixed it for me! It was hot, muggy and dark. He also ended up with burned fingers trying to help me out. He didn't have to change it for me. He could have written me a ticket. But he took an oath to protect and serve, and he did just that tonight. Thank you Officer McKinney!

Reaction was swift on Facebook. One user wrote: " what it's all about. Helping each other!"

Another added: "And yet there are people that want to kill our boys in blue. They do so much to keep us safe. Nice work Adrian McKinney."  

Sources: Fox News, Lee Riley Freeman/Facebook / Photo Credit: Lee Riley Freeman/Facebook via Fox News

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