Waitress Rants On Facebook About $0 Tip (Photo)

| by Brendan Kelly

A Facebook rant from a frustrated waitress who was not tipped on a $187 bill is going viral.

On March 21, Taylar Cordova shared a photo of a receipt from a customer who chose to leave no tip on a bill of $187. 

“This. This is the reason I work so much,"  Cordova wrote on Facebook. “This is why I cry in the shower. I STRUGGLE to put clothes on my daughter’s back and food in our bellies because of THIS. You, are the lowest of low.”

According to Mic, Cordova is a server at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. 

Taylar’s post had been shared more than 9,000 times, and had more than 10,000 comments in four days.

“A 10% tip is a big enough slap in the face, this completely tore me apart,” she wrote. “Don’t even bother walking into a restaurant if you can’t afford to tip. There’s a McDonald’s down the street if you’re that cheap.”