Restaurant Reserves Table For Fallen Officers

| by Jordan Smith

A restaurant paid its respects to the five police officers shot in Dallas July 7 by reserving a table for them.

The story was reported after a couple went to a Texas Roadhouse for something to eat and noticed the empty table in an otherwise packed restaurant, MadWorldNews reported.

The couple took a picture of the table and then uploaded it to social media. It remains unclear where the restaurant actually was.

An American flag had been put on the table along with a sign explaining that it had been set for the five victims of the Dallas shooting carried out by loan gunman Micah Johnson. The shooting occurred at the end of a protest against the killing of two black men by police.

Johnson reportedly told police that he wanted to kill whites, and especially white police officers.

“Thank you Texas Roadhouse for remembering the#Dallas5 and preparing them a table tonight,” the post, on a page called Ohio Going Blue, read, MadWorldNews reported.

Memorial services for three of the victims, Lorne Ahrens, Michael Smith and Brent Thompson, took place in Dallas July 13.

Eddie Coffey, a friend of Ahrens, spoke about how he met his wife while serving as an officer and enjoyed having fun with his children, sometimes even making them late for school.

“Lorne was passionate about police work” and “had the biggest heart and best of intentions,” Coffey said at the service for Ahrens, according to ABC.

Smith was an army veteran who had two daughters.

“He was a perfectionist,” Yea-Mei, Smith’s sister, said. “As a father nothing was good enough for his daughters.”

“Even those he arrested were treated with respect, dignity, humanity,” she added.

Emily, Thompson’s wife, was also a police officer.

“This act of violence hurt law enforcement as a whole. However good will always prevail,” said Emily. “Though I’m heartbroken, I’m going to put on my badge and uniform and return to the street.”

Sources: MadWorldNews, ABC News / Photo credit: Facebook via MadWorldNews

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