Photo Of Bus Driver Helping Elderly Woman Tie Her Shoe Goes Viral (Photo)

| by Reve Fisher

A bus driver who has been praised for helping a passenger is surprised that his good deed has provoked such a great reaction.

William Harris, a driver for Bus Eireann in Cork, Ireland, stopped his vehicle to help an elderly woman tie her shoe. She had already struggled to get off the bus, but then her arthritis prevented her from properly bending over to reach her shoelaces.

Another passenger on the bus, Clara O’Brien, took a photograph of the incident and shared it on Bus Eireann’s Facebook page on Jan. 20 with the following message:

Hi! I want to commend one of your bus drivers who was driving the 205 service from CIT to Kent Station at 15:40. As an elderly lady was getting off the bus she almost tripped. Once she was off, the driver noticed that her lace was undone and he stalled the bus to tell her. When she said that she knew, he [realized] that she wasn't steady enough on her feet to bend down and tie it herself, so he got off the bus and tied it for her. He was so kind to her and went out of his way to look after a customer. I haven't seen someone do something so kind in as long as I can remember and the lady was so appreciative she blew a kiss as the bus was pulling away. Your driver made my day.

Within about 24 hours, the photo had been liked more than 75,000 times and shared over 9,000 times, much to Harris’s amusement.

"My wife phoned me to tell me, and I thought they were messing,” he told RedFM, according to The Irish Examiner. "I thought someone had seen me tying the lace, but she said, 'You're on Facebook.' I didn't believe it.”

Harris said he never thought his act of kindness would make such a huge impact.

"We always tied my mother's shoelaces, put on her socks for her," he said. "It's just a normal thing."

His employers are not surprised, since many of their drivers are an active part of their communities.

“[Bus Eireann drivers] often go beyond the call of duty to help passengers,” an employee told The Irish Examiner.

“[We] commend this driver and the many others who carry out similar actions on a regular basis," the employee added.