White Mother Gets Shocking Note About Her Black Child (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

A note addressed to a woman who adopted both a black and a white child has simultaneously upset and touched many.

"Just because the girl is black does not mean you have to treat her any different than your white child," wrote an anonymous person to Tonya Keefer, PopSugar reports. "You and your husband walked off and did not look back for the little black girl to make sure she got out the car safely. You should be ashamed. Seems like you're racist. Give the black girl back to her mother. You and your husband are white trash."

But instead of reacting angrily, a saddened Keefer's response warmed the hearts of many.

"If this note ever finds you I want you to know I am not angry," Keefer wrote. "And I would love to buy you dinner and offer you the chance to get to know our wonderfully unique family."

Keefer explained that the "black girl" the person referred to has a name: Leah, and she's her child.

"She has a beautiful personality, a silliness that is endearing, and a laugh that is infectious," wrote Keefer on Facebook. "She is talented and creative and hilarious. In fact, as we drove into the Zaxby's parking lot tonight, she was bouncing and giggling in the back seat, being her incredibly unique self."

Keefer continued, ironically urging the stranger to look beyond race.

"You see the 'black girl' with the white family, but I see an answer to my prayers, my daughter, my miracle," she adds.

"See, you see a black girl in my back seat, but not the countless prayers I prayed begging God for her," Keefer continues. "You can't see the times I've cried or lost sleep wondering if I was good enough for her. "

"I'm sorry that when you see my children you judge them by the difference in skin color, I truly am," adds Keefer. "Both of my children were abandoned by their birth mothers. Both of them were born to addicts. And both of them deserve the very best of life, and I'll admit, they deserve more than I could ever give them."

Since Keefer posted about the incident, it has captured national attention and gone viral.

"Your family is beautiful," one Facebook user wrote. "God bless you always. Never let someone's ignorance break your family down."

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