Man Sends Explicit Snapchat Photo To Daughter Instead Of Wife (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A British teen was shocked to receive a Snapchat photo from her father that was meant for her mother.

Robyn Millen said she "wanted to die" after getting an explicit photo from her father on Snapchat, which showed him from the legs down naked in a bathtub. The caption on the photo read, "Happy valentines. Xxx."

Shocked, Millen texted her father shaming him for the inappropriate picture. 

"Sorry, thought I only sent it to mum! Lol," the father replied according to Daily Mail. "Don't know how it works."

Not only did the father send the picture to his daughter, he also set it at his "story" — meaning that the photo was public.

The father seemed to be unfazed by the mistake. 

"So **** what. Nothing to see apart from my legs and those emoji things," he said. "I am…amazing." Millen's mother eventually joined the conversation, laughing off the embarrassing situation.

A similar incident occurred in July 2014, when a young woman accidentally sent a nude photo to her father, says E-Online.

Sources: Daily Mail, E Online / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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