Mother Demands Action From School And Police After Son Gets Assaulted In Class (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

A classroom attack on a 15-year-old left a Tennessee mother questioning why authorities won’t take action against the attacker.

Candise Jacobs made several posts on Facebook about the attack on her son in his French class at Coffee County Central High School on Jan. 19.

Jacobs obtained video of the attack that she said was shot by a friend of the attacker.

“It was very hard to watch him getting hit repeatedly and nobody tried to help him,” Jacobs told WKRN.

She told WKRN that she posted the video on Facebook because didn’t think that the school or law enforcement officials were acting quickly enough.

“I felt nobody was doing anything,” Jacobs said. “The boy, I felt, should have been arrested by the SRO [school resource officer] and taken to the police station.”

The brutal assault, which lasted for about 16 seconds, reportedly started when the attacker walked up to Jacobs’ son and told him, “I hear you are talking about me and my family.” 

Her son responded to the bully by asking, “What are you talking about?” before the bully unleashed at least a dozen punches on Jacobs’ son.

After a few seconds of being beaten, Jacobs' son gets taken down to the floor, trapped behind his desk. The teacher quickly comes over to break up the fight.

“It’s horrifying,” Jacobs said. “I was not there to help him. That boy kept hitting him and hitting him.”

According to Jacobs, there is no known bad blood between the bully and her son.

“He knows of him, but my son is not friends with him," she said.

The mother added that her son was brought to her workplace by an SRO after the attack, and from there, she took him to the emergency room. 

Her son had five contusions, a busted lip, two black eyes, and his jaw was swollen so badly that he cannot open it fully.

The school board said that they are aware of the assault, as is the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office confirmed that they are investigating the incident and that the attacker could be charged.

The school’s principal told WKRN that disciplinary action will be taken when the investigation has been completed.

Sources: WKRN, Candise Jacobs/Facebook (2) (3) / Photo Credit: Facebook