Man Buys Woman Drink Then Asks For Refund (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

After buying an attractive lady a drink, most men will ask the woman for her number and make contact later to ask her out on a date.

That's what 18-year-old British student Abby Fenton expected, not a message two weeks later asking for a refund for the cost of the drink, the Mirror reports.

"I was at the bar about to get myself a drink myself when he came over to me and said: 'I'll get that for you, you're gorgeous' and all that," recalls the young woman, who studies biomedicine at Leeds Becket University.  In England, the legal drinking age is 18.

"I just said I wanted something with vodka in and then we must have swapped numbers before I walked off," she adds.

Two weeks passed before she would hear from the man, "Liam."

"Hi hope u don't mind love but can you transfer me back [$8.70]" reads the message Fenton posted on Twitter later.

"I bought yer a drink?" he added. "Can I have money back for it. Will give u sort code and account no. Thank."

At first the woman responded laughingly, assuming it was a joke.

But when she agreed to transfer the money, she never heard from him again.

"I paid him back straight away even though I wasn't going to at first as I thought it was so cheeky, but then I thought he might have needed it," explained Fenton.

"I remember that he wasn't dressed so well," she added. "I always look at people's shoes and I remember they were Primark shoes, so he might have needed it."

After paying the man back, Abby posted the text onto social media where it quickly went viral.

Even Dale Chandler, events manager for Viper Rooms -- where Abby and Liam met -- was amused by the text.

"I just saw it on someone's feed and we thought it was hilarious so we shared it," he said. "I think this shows our culture nowadays. We always see people ask for money back from buying drinks on the night if it doesn't go their way, but never this."

"I'm just baffled that this time the guy wasn't drunk and he texted two weeks later for it, it's very funny," Chandler added.

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