Firefighter's Amazing Rescue Goes Viral (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A photo of a Phoenix, Arizona, firefighter rescuing an American flag went viral.

Maureen Maloney, an employee with Allred Metal Products in Phoenix, said she showed up for work at her "very patriotic" company and immediately noticed that their American flag was missing.

The previous day, Maloney and her co-workers were evacuated from the building after a huge recycling plant fire started at the business next to theirs. "The fire was real hot and the flames were 50 feet tall," Maloney told 12 News. She assumed that the flag must have burned in the fire.

Just as things were getting back to normal in the building, firefighter Captain Nick Ellis walked in holding up a folded flag.

"I was very happy we got it back intact," Maloney said. Ellis reportedly noticed the flag during the fire and made sure to retrieve it so that it wouldn't be damaged or destroyed.

"We live in a great county and this is a symbol of our country and freedom and it just means a lot to me," Allred Metal Products' Kevin Allred told 12 News.

Fellow firefighter Adrienne Berman captured Ellis in a photo walking with the flag draped over his left shoulder during the rescue.

"I thought it was a cool picture," Allred said.

Fox 10 Phoenix shared the photo on their Facebook page and it quickly went viral, garnering more than 19,500 shares.

"God Bless you Nick Ellis...special thanks to all firefighters LEO's and paramedics All first responders!" one viewer commented.

"A true American Hero. Bless you Nick Ells and thank you and all your fellow firefighters for your service," another added.

"This should be known all around the world! Show how much "True Americans" respect the American Flag. So very proud of this firefighter for what he does everyday! Thank you, Sir," one viewer expressed.

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