Sheriff Saves Family Of Ducks (Photos)

| by Reve Fisher

A Michigan sheriff’s deputy went beyond the call of duty to save a family of animals.

Some heartwarming photos are circulating online after a local deputy in Ottawa County, Michigan, saved several ducklings as their anxious mother looked on.

On the Downtown Holland Facebook page, Amanda Brooke Larson-Olsen posted a photo of the good deed performed by an Ottawa County Sheriff’s Deputy.

"A local sheriff went above and beyond today to save a family," Larson-Olsen wrote in the April 24 post. "My family and I were pulling out of McDonald's on Riley st and saw a momma duck circling a storm drain so I made my husband back up and so I could check it out. There were 12 baby ducks."

Ottawa County dispatch confirmed that they received a phone call over the April 23-24 weekend from someone who reported several ducks in the street and was concerned about their safety, according to WXMI. Larson-Olsen explained in a Facebook comment that she contacted the dispatch because the area was very busy, and she was hoping the family of ducks could be moved elsewhere.

Deputy Tony Boersema responded and found the mother duck near the side of the road.

"Awww that Mama duck stayed and made sure she got help for her babies," Robin Renee wrote as a comment on the Facebook post. "Did she allow the officer to get them out? Or did she run away?"

“She stayed right there to make sure they were safe,” Larson-Olsen responded. “It was very sweet.”

"Aww she trusted him to help her babies,” Renee replied.

Boersema began the rescue effort by reaching into the manhole to grab the ducklings. In another photo posted by Larson-Olsen, the ducks can be seen inside a box, safe and sound.

Larson-Olsen’s post has been liked over 1,500 times and has been shared over 380 times in just one day.

"Thank you deputy," Judy Beukema wrote on the WXMI Facebook page. "For going above the call of duty. [Saving] lives no matter who they are. Thank you for being a kind hearted person."

"Mommy duck was sure lucky to have you available and saved her babies!" Gary Theresa Gibbs wrote. "Bless your heart Deputy."

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