Stranger's Note To Dad Touches Hearts (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

When David Rosenman took his daughter out for breakfast, he had no idea he was about to touch thousands of lives.

"This was going to be an outing not unlike others we’d had before: while sitting at the same table, we’d do our own things -- she'd keep herself occupied with something, and I'd catch-up on emails, organize my week, get work done, etc...Sound familiar?" wrote David, a physician and assistant professor, on Facebook, Little Things reports.

The mundane outing turned magical when his daughter asked him for something simple yet beautiful: to spend time with her.

"'Daddy, can you not read the paper or doodle or check email today? Can we just be together?'" recalled David, who lives in Rochester, Minnesota.

David knew what he had to do.

"So today, we were together," he said. "She showed me her yarn project. I recalled the day she was born. We compared notes about whether or not couples at other tables were on “dates” (she likes to impersonate people on dates -- resting her smiling face on her hand and practicing a starry-eyed stare)."

"I watched her chew her breakfast sandwich and melted a little bit as I thought about how much I love her," he added.

The two shared a beautiful moment of just being together before it was time to go -- but little did either of them know what was about to unfold.

After David bought a snack for his son at home, he returned to his seat to find a note on it.

"I work at a school where many daughters don't have fathers and those who do have never in their lives had him watch and listen and devote 100% of his attention to her for as long as you did on one Sunday morning," read the note a woman left on David's seat while he was away. "You have no idea what a gift you are giving to all the teachers who are responsible for educating her from now until she graduates."

David was so moved by the note, he shared it on Facebook.

"Please don’t wait for your child or other loved one to plead for your attention like mine did -- he or she might not," David wrote on the post that went on to be shared more than 11,000 times.

"I invite you to share the gift of this experience with me: choose to be present today -- even for just a little while -- for someone you love."

Sources: Little Things, David Rosenman/Facebook / Photo credit: Vassilena Valchanova/Flickr, David Rosenman/Facebook

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