Restaurant Owner's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

| by Karin Sun

The owner of a donair shop -- a restaurant that serves Arabic food -- in Edmonton, Canada, is receiving heaps of online praise and new customers after performing an act of kindness for a needy patron.

Maher Taweel, the owner of Jumbo Donair in Edmonton, first opened his business two years ago, CBC News reports. However, the large crowd of customers who greeted him on March 29 was something he had never expected.

The new wave of patronage was the result of a small gesture Taweel made the day before.

On March 28, a homeless man came into the restaurant and told Taweel that he was hungry but did not have much money, according to a Facebook post written by a customer who witnessed the incident.

The restaurant owner reportedly replied, "If you're hungry, I give you food," and gave the man a free meal.

After the customer described the incident online on March 28, her post went viral, garnering more than 9,000 shares in just three days.

Local residents who saw the Facebook post decided to pay a visit to Taweel's shop.

 "I read the story about how he helps people who don't have enough money to eat," John Marshall, one of Taweel's new customers, told CBC News. "It's giving me goosebumps. I feel warm about that."

Ami Kitzman, another Edmonton resident, also decided to go eat at the restaurant with her brother and son after reading about Taweel's act of kindness.

"It's delicious, and he's so nice," Kitzman said. "They're just wonderful people."

Taweel first moved to Canada from Palestine in 2002, according to CBC News. He said that he received a very warm welcome in his new country and likes to pay the kindness forward to others.

Taweel added that he and his wife had been thinking of selling the restaurant because of a medical issue with his leg but changed their minds due to the increased business. He said he will now likely have to hire more staff.

"If I'm busy like this, I'll need more help for sure," he said.

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