Grocery Store Employee Goes Extra Mile To Help Disabled Man

| by Sean Kelly

A photo of an Indianapolis, Indiana, grocery store employee helping a visually impaired man has gone viral.

The photo, posted by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful public relations director Ashlee Fujawa on Feb. 14, showed a visually impaired man getting assistance from an employee at Kroger, Fox 59 reports. Fujawa wrote that she was shopping at the store when she came across the man waiting for help.

She started talking with the man before an employee, named Colin, approached them and took the man around the store to help him shop.

"Trying not to listen and completely eavesdropping at the same time, I found out that these two know each other; as Colin has helped this gentlemen, who is a regular at this Kroger store, many times," Fujawa wrote in the Facebook post.

"Without missing a beat, the two set off to Sunday grocery shop--together," she added. "With Colin guiding the cart and taking care to navigate the busy store as the two discussed his shopping list."

Fujawa wrote that Colin's act of kindness was "the epitome of amazing customer service" and "a heartfelt display of respect and kindness."

The Facebook post has garnered over 7,000 likes and 1,000 shares in just two days.

Sources: Fox 59, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful/Facebook / Photo credit: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful/Facebook

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