Alabama Police Officer's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A Huntsville, Alabama, woman's Facebook post about a police officer's good deed has gone viral. In the post, Johnni Chevonne Adams thanks Office Charles Draper for coming to her aid.

Adams posted the thank you note to Facebook on Feb. 5.

"What an outstanding, compassionate individual!" she wrote. "I had an incident with my car on the Parkway this morning. I was so upset by the time Officer Draper and the tow company arrived.

"Officer Draper helped me safely get my children into his car, drove my son to daycare (and gave him a stuffed animal!), drove my daughter to school, and got me to work on time! And he made me laugh the entire time, really taking the edge off of the frustration I was feeling. This guy is a class act. You can tell he truly loves to serve his community. I am so impressed. Thanks, Officer Draper! You rock!”

Adams' post quickly went viral, with Draper garnering praise for going above and beyond the call of duty to help the woman and her kids. The post was shared over 500 times in one week.

The incident comes following a similar one in Pennsylvania, in which a group of officers finished shoveling a man's driveway after he suffered a heart attack shoveling snow, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

Sources: WHNT, Johnni Chevonne Adams/Facebook, CBS Pittsburgh / Photo credit: Johnni Chevonne Adams/Facebook 

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